Tech for Science

Inspired by the 2022 discovery of 2 million year old DNA, we look to develop programs that will inspire scientific research and discoveries.

Tech for Sustainability

We will offer sustainability programs to help provide technology solutions to help the environment. We look forward to sharing sustainability insights year round, with Earth Day in mind.

Tech for Conversation

As technologists, we encourage platforms to discuss the possibilities of technology solutions. We look forward to sharing insights about our vision of how technology can encourage imagination, inspiration, and growth.

Tech for Space

Our foundation looks to inspire those interested in space exploration. Our plans include Space Camp opportunities where we will help participants explore technologies for space, in person or virtually in a SVTF Space Shop.

Tech for Anti-Bullying

As a foundation, we are developing anti-bullying programs that we feel will help prevent and mitigate bullying. Our goal is to help protect people from online bullying.

Tech for Children

Our Tech for Children programs are designed to help children learn the value of technology to help them expand the range of information to learn from in the most productive ways possible. Allowing children to be children in the technical age. Helping them explore technologies such as robotics, including spending time in person or virtually […]

Tech for Conservation

As technologists, we have opportunities to help explore how technical solutions can be a rewarding experience contributing to an amazing cause that is helping make gains to ensure that the remarkable spectrum of animals and natural places have a chance to be part of the world of tomorrow for future generations to know and experience. […]

Tech for Disabilities

As a foundation, we want to help find solutions and ways to help those with disabilities (Physical and Learning disabilities/difficulties).

Tech for People Without Homes

As a foundation, we want to find ways to help those without homes, including foster children to be inspired and strive for more in life.